A lingering wild in America’s Great Plains

"Great Plains" by Michael Forsberg
Between the fall of 2005 and the winter of 2008, photographer Michael Forsberg traveled thousands of miles across 12 states and three provinces — from southern Canada to northern Mexico — to gather the photographs for his new book, Great Plains: America’s Lingering Wild, underwritten by The Nature Conservancy and published by the University of Chicago Press. 

The 12″ x 11″ book showcases more than 150 original photographs and includes a foreword by former United States Poet Laureate and Nebraska resident Ted Kooser.  Essays among the photographs are by Dan O’Brien and chapter introductions by David Wishart.

It’s another one of those books that draw me toward them with their grand, visual treats.  A preview is available on YouTube.  Also, this map on Forsberg’s website shows the area of focus.

Forsberg writes on his website: “The overriding goal of my work is to photograph and build appreciation for what is left of the wild Great Plains, trying to capture on film the fierce spirit and the unique and often overlooked beauty of the creatures and landscapes that still make up these wide-open spaces.”

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