“We did not guess its essence…”

Andrew Krivak's new novel THE BEAR tells the story of a father and daughter living peacefully in an Edenic world now uninhabited by humans. What remains of past civilization are a few books and, in the far beyond, buried walls. In exquisite storytelling, we see past our muddled, technological existence to what's pure and real.

The singular gift of ordinary happiness

Niall Williams's new novel set in rural 1950's Ireland inspires optimism with the generous spirit of character Christy McMahon. McMahon arrives to assist with the installation of electricity in the village of Faha and seek forgiveness for a past mistake. Read more about this enchanting Irish story.

Verbal combat in 1990’s Kansas

Ben Lerner's new novel "The Topeka School" takes us back to the 1990s with the return of Adam Gordon, the protagonist in Lerner's first novel, "Leaving from the Atocha Station." Adam is a graduating high school senior and debate champion, but Lerner is up to much more than a good story about a Kansas boy.