A novel about war and unshakable belonging

As Memorial Day approaches, it feels appropriate to post my review of Andrew Krivak's new novel, "Like the Appearance of Horses." I mentioned the book a month ago as a recommended read, so the title may sound familiar. The story is about a family in which a grandfather, father, and son participate in the World Wars and the U.S. Vietnam War. The focus is not on combat, but on the profound connection among those who experience war’s many dimensions. Here's why I recommend this novel.

“We did not guess its essence…”

Andrew Krivak's new novel THE BEAR tells the story of a father and daughter living peacefully in an Edenic world now uninhabited by humans. What remains of past civilization are a few books and, in the far beyond, buried walls. In exquisite storytelling, we see past our muddled, technological existence to what's pure and real.