Books to anticipate this September: part one

The 2021 fall season is jam-packed with new books from favorite authors. It's a promising unleashing that will keep readers well stocked in good stories for themselves and their book clubs. One novel in this list has been described as “a plumber’s Mrs. Dalloway.” Who could resist that? Here you'll find five September books with five more coming soon, in part two.

Ah, Grendel! You’ve come back

John Gardner published "Grendel" in 1971, eleven years before his tragic death at age 49 in a motorcycle accident. The story is a spin-off taken from the medieval epic poem "Beowulf," giving us the viewpoint of the monster Grendel, whom the Scandinavian hero Beowulf slays. A rare acquisition of the book's ARC brought Gardner's novel to my attention again.