Why read? (in case you don’t know)

MOMA_ReadAndReapI took this photo last week in The Museum of Modern Art. Says it all, doesn’t it?

The artwork is by Bruce Nauman, whom you can learn more about in this interesting PBS video that runs approximately 13 minutes. In the video, Mr. Nauman speaks about his journey of becoming an artist and about how he creates his art.

A snippet from the video: He says there are no specific steps he takes when creating his art because he doesn’t start the same way every time. Also, “There is a knowing when it’s enough, and you can leave it alone.” Mr. Nauman adds that some of what’s involved in creating his art is accidental. “The accidents kind of keep it real, too, I like that. It’s what keeps me in the studio, always being surprised, so there’s some joy in there, too, when it all kind of works, and you say, ‘Ah!’ Makes it okay.”

A bit of life philosophy therein, I’d say.


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