Bookstore love

January 14, 2013

I took this photo in Book Thug Nation, a used bookstore in Brooklyn, New York. I don’t remember the music that played on the record player, only that it perfectly accompanied my browsing mindset, as I sorted through the chaotically ordered books. I look at this photo and see everything I love about bookstores both new and used, which the online book industry can’t touch by a long shot: the discovery and adventure of digging through shelved books; a myriad of colorful dust jackets all lined up for skimming with your head tilted just enough to read sideways; the chance to open a book in your hands and explore its personality; and, of course, personal music selections of the bookseller — that vinyl record playing in the background.

Bookthug Nation

8 Responses to “Bookstore love”

  1. Ed Hoffman Says:

    Great, Kassie — nice description of the nearly indescribable.
    Ed Hoffman


  2. Sharon Says:

    The agony and the ecstasy! Wanting to see and touch and consider every book. Never enough time…


  3. george cowmeadow bauman Says:

    I like the way you “needle” people about shopping for books online.


  4. Jane Says:

    Loved visiting this bookstore – it was really authentic!


  5. I could not agree more about being in an old bookstore- it’s like being lost in a dream, but you’re not scared.


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