Webster is fine now (thank you)

This snowy winter, one of my two corgis got sick. The whites of his eyes became red and, when a visit to the vet and several rounds of eye drops didn’t change anything, off we went to MedVet. Four hours, an opthalmologist and a neurologist visit later, I learned Webster has an autoimmune condition.  The good news is we caught it early and he’s going to be fine.

Obviously, this post has nothing to do with books, other than the fact Webster is named for a dictionary. It’s a thank you to those who’ve known about Webster’s situation and asked about him.  As dog owners in the MedVet lobby with their newfies, bulldogs, basset hounds, golden retrievers and assortment of mutts said, these four-legged personable creatures are family. Dog owners everywhere get that. Just as book owners everywhere get the companionship of books.

My other corgi appeared on TLC last fall in “The dog ate it (really)”.  I updated the photo on the post. (I should’ve named her Merriam.)

2 thoughts on “Webster is fine now (thank you)

  1. I’m glad the dog is doing better! Keep us updated! I spent most of a summer at the OSU vet hospital with our labrador , Belle and its truely amasing how far we have come with Veterinary medicine!


    1. It is amazing! I had no idea vet medicine was segmented now into specialties. Webster first saw an opthalmologist, who recognized his eye condition was symptomatic for something neurological and referred him to the neurologist. I hope Belle is better. (Growing up, we had a springer spaniel named Belle. Love that name.)


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