TLC appears on Critical Mass

The National Book Critics Circle (NBCC) is in the midst of celebrating its 35th anniversary on the NBCC blog Critical Mass. Past and present NBCC board directors, members and award-winners are posting commentary, including authors and poets Katha Pollitt, David Lehman, E. L. Doctorow, John Ashbery and more. This week my post, “The Discerning Voice,” appeared with this esteemed group. 

The National Book Critics Circle has been a gathering place for book critics since 1974. Here is a membership for what many believe is a dying breed, with the advent of casual commentary at bookseller websites and the pervasive layoff of newspaper book critics. Yet the NBCC and its members are more important now to book lovers, shoppers and readers than ever before, which is a topic in my post on Critical Mass.

One thought on “TLC appears on Critical Mass

  1. Your “discerning voice” article was very interesting that it was all about “the critics” .. perhaps I misunderstand .. however if we readers are buying less print and more digital ..and digital is / may become self selecting [copyright issues] ..isn’t the real issue the value of the critic ..becoming like a breeze blowing who knows where?


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