A. S. Byatt fears the world is a dark place

A. S. Byatt

“I have a terrible fear that I write dark novels whether I want to or not. I fear the world is a dark place. That’s one side of the equation. The other side is that when I am writing a novel I so intensely enjoy writing that the world is a very bright place, with lots of beautiful pots and wonderful trees, and people running in the woods. I think I’m extremely double, and I think the novel is double….” – A.S. Byatt on her new novel, The Children’s Book

My  interview with A. S. Byatt about The Children’s Book is now live. It’s approximately 13 minutes. Dame Byatt speaks from across the pond in a soft, scholarly voice, so you’ll need to turn up the volume.

Some notes as reminders:

The Children’s Book spans the Victorian era through World War I. It centers on the life of a famous children’s author and the passions, betrayals, and secrets that affect the lives of her family and friends, especially the children. Published in the U. K. early this past summer, it will be in U. S. bookstores in October.

A.S. Byatt will speak at Mees Hall, Capital University, on October 13 at 7:30 pm.

2 thoughts on “A. S. Byatt fears the world is a dark place

  1. Hi Kassie,
    I’m sorry but I could not find your email. A few months ago on Friday/radio you talked of an unknown woman writer from Mansfield? She was a novelist who was highly praised by much more successful writers but never was very ‘successful”. Do you happen to know the writer I’m talking about?

    Thank you.


    1. Hi Andrew,

      Glad you found me here. The author I talked about is Dawn Powell. She was from Mt. Gilead (close), highly praised by Hemingway and Fitzgerald during the 1930’s. Critics loved her. But she was writing before her time, i.e. readership couldn’t appreciate her humor, satire and wit. Gore Vidal in the 1980’s wrote an essay about her in The New York Review of Books, which brought her books back into print and won her a new readership. “Turn Magic Wheel” is considered to be one of her best novels. I hope this helps!



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