How many books can you fit in a house?


I sat down to catalog this summer’s accumulations for my book collections and realized I may need to buy a new bookcase.

This happened last summer (and I bought a new bookcase).  Someday I’m going to wake up and realize I need to buy a new house.

Recent acquisitions from rare and used bookstores are on top of the table. Underneath are other books that have yet to find a home. (Note: these piles do not include new books published this summer that I acquired for reviewing purposes. Those are on another table.)

At this point, things are still relatively under control. Piles are neat, and nothing is on the floor. So I have a feeling mine is a mild case of book encroachment within a living space.

If you’ve got an overflow going on from your own book habit, please share your gentle madness.  You can send a photo to